Kamaishi Recovery Memorial Stadium

Capacity: 16,187

Opened: to be completed in 2018

Location: Unosumai Kamaishi, Iwate Prefecture

Kamaishi Recovery Memorial Stadium

Kamaishi Memorial Stadium is the only stadium to be newly constructed for the tournament in 2019.

However, there is a long history of rugby in this area. In the 70’s and 80’s it hosted one of Japans most successful rugby union clubs, the Nippon Steel Kamaishi, who won several national titles. They were followed by the Kamaishi Seawaves in 2001.

The devastating earthquake and Tsunami in 2011 damaged large parts of the city, changing the landscape significantly.

Solidarity and resilience from the government and residence ensued and Kamaishi is to be a very proud host in the Tournament in 2019. The Kamaishi Recovery Memorial Stadium commenced its build in 2017 and will be ready to welcome fans from all over the world to watch Fiji kick off proceedings against Uruguay on 25 September, followed by Africa 1 against repechage winner.


Kamaishi Stadium Access Map



Kamaishi Recovery Memorial Stadium

Matches at this stadium

Fiji v Uruguay


Wednesday 25 September

KO 14:15 (local time)

Namibia v Canada


Sunday 13 October

KO 12:15 (local time)

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