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Update for 19th & 20th Oct

Quarter Finals in Oita – Sat 19th and Sun 20th October

Coach arrangements Fukuoka <—> Oita

Hi everyone,

We hope you’re looking forward to this weekend’s Quarter Finals as much as we are!
For everyone who is booked on to the coaches from Fukuoka to Oita and back, please read below for extra information and the answers to some questions we’ve been asked. And remember – have your coach pass handy to show us, it’ll help speed up things on the day!
Although it’s a long read, we hope it’ll help to clear a few things up.
Hotel pick-up
If you are staying at or near one of these hotels, you have the option of travelling with a member of InsideJapan Tours staff to the coach departure point. Alternatively make your own way over to the departure point; clear details are included in your Welcome Letter, which was sent to your first hotel.
Monterey La Soeur: hotel lobby at 9:30 (travel by subway)
Solaria Nishitetsu Hotel: hotel lobby at 9:40 (travel by subway)
Hotel Monte Hermana Fukuoka: hotel lobby at 09:20 (travel by subway)
Grand Hyatt Fukuoka: hotel lobby at 9:45 (travel on foot – approx. 20-minute walk)
Hotel Nikko Fukuoka: hotel lobby at 10:00 (travel on foot – approx. 10-minute walk)
Departure time and place
Coach boarding time is 10:15, and departure time is 10:30 from Hakata Station Chikushi Exit. We’ll be meeting at the pyramid sculpture located outside the Chikushi Exit. As we’ll have over 200 people travelling, please try to squeeze in as close to the pyramid as possible so we don’t cause havoc and mayhem by blocking the station entrance.
Stops en-route
We will be stopping once along the way. There is a small shop at the service station if you want to pick up any lunch, otherwise you might like to bring some snacks with you for the journey.
The route from Fukuoka to the stadium
It’ll be a 2.5 hour scenic drive from Fukuoka to Tanoura Beach Park & Ride. No coaches are allowed to park at the stadium itself, which is why we are using the convenient park and ride system. Once we arrive at Tanoura Beach, we’ll get off our coaches and onto one of the regular shuttle buses for the roughly 30-minute journey to Oita Stadium Car Park A. From Car Park A it’s a 20-minute walk to the stadium gates.
Food at the stadium
There are some food stalls outside and inside the stadium, but our colleagues and other travellers who’ve been to Oita Stadium already have reported that the food wasn’t great quality, sadly! Bringing your own supplies is the way to go.
Departure time AFTER the match
We will be leaving as soon as possible after the match. The estimated departure time is 20:30 from Tanoura Beach Park & Ride. It’ll take around 1 hour or so to get from the stadium back to Tanoura Beach Park & Ride, so it’s possible we’ll be able to get away earlier than 20:30.
We appreciate it’s always fun to stay around for another pint after the match to celebrate a win (or commiserate a loss!), however it would be great if everyone could start making their way back towards the coaches as soon as possible so we can start the return journey on time!
We will have staff located at strategic points between the stadium and the shuttle bus departure point (Car Park A), guiding you in the right direction.
Once each coach is full, it will set off back to Fukuoka.
We want to watch QFs 2 and 4 before going back to Fukuoka – will the coaches wait for us?
Unfortunately this isn’t going to be possible. The coaches are scheduled to depart at a specific time (20:30-21:00) and legally have to depart within a fixed time frame, meaning we can’t delay the return journey. We completely understand your frustration, and we assure you we’ve explored all possibilities for this.
Do the coaches have a TV for watching the matches?
The coaches don’t have TVs or Wi-Fi, and we wouldn’t be able to show the matches anyway due to broadcasting rights. However your fellow travellers might have some nifty solutions for how to get the matches on your phone/iPads etc – please do share your ideas with each other! Don’t forget to bring your phone / other devices, and ensure they’re fully charged or you’ve got portable power batteries with you. There are no plug sockets on the coaches.
What if I want to stay in Oita to watch QFs 2 and 4?
It will take at least 1 hour to get out of the stadium and into central Oita, using the shuttle buses Car Park B. While there is a Fanzone next to Oita Station, please understand that it’s expected to be PACKED and it’s unlikely you’ll be able to get into the Fanzone. To give you an idea from our own experiences so far, after the England v Argentina match in Tokyo on Oct 5th, fans tried to get to the nearby Fanzone to watch the Japan v Samoa match which started an hour later. However the staff there didn’t let anyone else into the Fanzone as it was still full from the earlier matches.
This isn’t to say you won’t be able to find somewhere, simply that it’s likely to be super busy in central Oita and space at the Fanzone (capacity of 6,600, while the stadium holds 40,000) or bars will be limited. Please bear this in mind before you alter your return arrangements.
If I do stay in Oita to watch QFs 2 and 4, how do I get back to Fukuoka?
We’d expect QFs 2 and 4 to finish at 21:15 at the earliest, especially as they could go into extra time. There are four train departures after that, however the last three departures are UNRESERVED CARRIAGES ONLY. This means you cannot get a reserved seat ticket, and you will likely have to stand for the 2+ hours back to Fukuoka. We can’t guarantee there will any tickets left at this point, and you would need to either use your Japan Rail Pass (if you have one) or purchase your own tickets. We don’t want to be alarmists, but if all the trains are full you may find yourself stuck in Oita with nowhere to stay.
Dep 21:27, arr. 23:56
Dep 22:17, arr 01:00
Dep 22:55, arr 01:22
Dep 23:36, arr 01:58
Could I get a taxi back to Fukuoka instead of the train?
It’s a 2+ hour direct drive from Oita to Fukuoka, and it’s highly unlikely that taxis would be willing to do that journey late at night.
In short,we believe that the coaches are your best, most reliable option for getting back to Fukuoka after the matches.
There will be a member of InsideJapan Tours staff on each coach, and they’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.
Best of luck to whichever teams you’re supporting this weekend, and we’re looking forward to seeing you all there.
The Event Team


Sunday October 13th – Kumamoto (Wales v Uruguay) – staff whereabouts

Good morning everyone,

It’s hard to believe it’s the final day of the pool stages! For all our Welsh fans down in Kumamoto, we have two members of the Event Team on the ground to help out with getting to and from the match. Mark and Rachel will be at JR Hikari-no-Mori Station from 13:45, and will help direct you to the shuttle buses out to the stadium. They’ll be at Hikari-no-Mori until 16:00 when they’ll also jump on the buses to the match.

After the match, we’re sure that a fair few of you will want to catch the Japan v Scotland match (provided it goes ahead!) Unfortunately there is next to nothing around Kumamoto Stadium, so you’ll need to head back into the city if you want to see the match.

Enjoy the rugby today!
The Event Team


Typhoon Hagibis update

Hello again everyone,

We’re sure you’re as disappointed as we are that two of the matches have been cancelled on Saturday. Hopefully there will some positive news about the Sunday fixtures.

We have a small update for you about what to expect over the next few days.

– We recommend following the itinerary that has been planned for you. Due to the fact that it’s a three day weekend with a national holiday on Monday, accommodation availability is extremely limited and it will be difficult to change your itinerary now at such short notice.

– If you were meant to be going to the ENG v FRA match in Yokohama on Saturday, we advise to stay in Tokyo / Yokohama as planned and ride out the storm! Transportation in the city will more than likely be suspended.
– We’re waiting for an update from JR East (train company) about what they’re planning for the train services in the Tokyo metropolitan area. They are expected to make an announcement later on today (Thursday).
– Our Customer Support team are of course on hand to assist with any questions, but they are prioritising those travellers whose plans are DIRECTLY impacted by the typhoon (e.g. cancelled flights, cancelled accommodation etc). Thank you for your understanding on this; the team will try to get back to you as soon as they can.
If you have any questions about ticket refunds, please get in touch with the company / website where you purchased them. They’ll be in the best position to advise you on how to apply for a refund.

We hope you have a safe few days.

The Event Team


Tokyo – October 5th (Eng v Arg) – staff whereabouts
Hi everyone,
We’re sure for England fans out there, it’s felt like weeks since we last got to see the lads in white play! Fortunately the wait is over.
On Saturday we’ve got a number of staff positioned around Tokyo to help out with getting everyone to and from Tokyo’s Ajimonoto Stadium, and also to give some recommendations and guidance on where to catch the Japan v Samoa match directly after. If you’d like to meet up with fellow travellers and head out to the stadium together, read on to see where you can find your nearest InsideJapan Event Team rep.
Mark will be in the Tokyo Station area from 12:30 before taking the train over to Shinjuku Station. At Shinjuku he’ll be taking the 13:47 Keio Line train out to Tobitakyu, the closest station to the stadium.
Ben will be at the Park Hotel from 12:30 before taking the train to Shinjuku at 13:00, and will also take the 13:47 Keio Line train to Tobitakyu.
From 12:30 Kester will be at the Shiba Park Hotel then will hop on the train to Shinjuku at 13:00, before taking the 13:47 Keio Line train to Tobitakyu.
Madeleine and Rachel will be at the Keio Line entrance of Shinjuku Station from 13:30, then at around 14:45 they’ll take the Keio Line train to Tobitakyu, then will be outside the main entrance to the stadium.
Aaron will be at the Chofu Fanzone, one stop on the train before Tobitakyu Station, from 14:00. If you’re also at the Fanzone to watch the Australia v Uruguay match (K.O. 14:15), keep an eye out for him!
After the match, Ben, Kester, and Rachel will be at the entrance to Tobitakyu Station. If you want any assistance on getting back into central Tokyo, or you want some advice on where to catch the Japan v Samoa match, keep a look out for their InsideJapan shirts.
We hope you enjoy the matches tomorrow!
The Event Team


October 2nd & 3rd – Oita (NZ v CAN) and Kobe (IRE v RUS) – staff whereabouts
Hi everyone,
After a rugby-free day today, it’s back into the swing of things from tomorrow (Wednesday). We’ve got staff positioned in Kobe and Oita on the 2nd and 3rd, so if you need any assistance with logistics or want to travel to and from the matches together, read on to find out where they’ll be.
Oita – 2nd Oct – NZ v CAN
Aaron and Mark will be in Oita for the match. From 16:30 they’ll be at the Oita Fanzone, just south of Oita Station, and will take the shuttle buses out to the stadium at around 17:30. After the match they’ll be at the shuttle bus stop for the return journey to Oita Station, so keep a look out for them.
Kobe – 3rd Oct – IRE v RUS
Rachel will be at the Kobe Fanzone from 15:00 and at 17:00 she’ll head over to the stadium on the Kaigan subway line.
Madeleine will take the 16:15 JR Special Rapid Service from Osaka Station to Kobe, before switching to the Kaigan subway line round to Misaki-Koen Station near the stadium.
Louise will take the Shinkansen Kodama 753 from Shin-Osaka to Shin-Kobe, before changing to the subway down to Misaki-Koen Station.
If you are travelling back to Osaka or Kyoto after the match and want to travel together, we’ll be meeting outside Misaki-Koen Sttion Exit 2 after the match.
Enjoy the matches!
The Event Team


Sunday 29th September – Wales v Australia (Tokyo) and Osaka – staff whereabouts
Evening everyone,
Did you enjoy all the rugby today as much as we did?! What a result for the home team, it really throws that pool wide open now. Feel free to share photos of where you were during the Japan v Ireland match, and any fun anecdotes of your experience on Instagram, we’d love to see.
On Sunday we’ve got another big day of rugby with Georgia v Uruguay in Kumagaya, and Wales v Australia in Tokyo. Read on for more information about where our staff will be based for the Tokyo match, as well as staff availability in Osaka and Kobe.
Rachel and Madeleine will be at Shinjuku Station (Keio Line entrance) from 12:00, where you’ll be switching over to the Keio Line out to Tobitakyu Station. By all accounts from staff and fellow travellers who did the journey to Tokyo Stadium last week, it’s clearly signed and there are plenty of English-speaking helpers along the way – just follow the crowds! At 13:20 they will take the train out to the stadium.
Aaron will be at the Park Hotel from 12:00, and will head over to Shinjuku Station at 12:50, ready for the 13:20 departure.
Mark will be at the Shiba Park Hotel from 12:00, and will move over to Shinjuku Station at 12:35. He’ll then take the 13:20 train to the stadium.
After the match, while the route back will be clearly signposted, if you’d like to meet up and journey back to Shinjuku together, we’ll be meeting at the exit to Tobitakyu Station after the match, wearing our bright shirts.
Osaka & Kobe
Kester will be holding the fort down in the Kansai region on Sunday. He’ll be at the Cross Hotel Osaka from 10:00-12:00, available to answer any queries you might have. He’ll then move over to Kobe, to the Okura Kobe Hotel, and will be there from 13:30-15:00 in the reception.
The Event Team


Hi everyone,

We hope you enjoyed the match tonight, wherever you were watching it.

On Friday September 27th, Mark from our Event Team will be stationed in Tokyo. If you have any questions about Tokyo in general, transportation, the Wales v Australia match on Sunday, or anything else, please come along and say hi and he’ll be happy to assist.

Mark will be at the Shiba Park Hotel from 10:00-11:00 and the Park Hotel from 11:15-12:00.

The Event Team


Hi everyone,
We hope you enjoyed the Opening Ceremony and the match last night. We were excited for Japan to win (of course!) but Russia definitely stepped up to the fight. A great start to the tournament.
This weekend is going to be a busy one with a whole host of matches, including some of the most important of the group stages. Our Event Team will be on the ground in Sapporo, Tokyo, and Yokohama over the next two days so if you have any questions or issues, or just want to say hi, do a keep an eye out for them.
Staff whereabouts: (Sat 21st)
Sapporo (Australia v Fiji 13:45)
Mark will be at New Chitose Airport this afternoon, so keep an eye out for him if you’re arriving into Sapporo and have any questions.
We’ll have staff at Fukuzumi Station and around Sapporo Dome in the run up to the Australia v Fiji match this afternoon. If you’re at the Odori Fanzone to watch the France v Argentina match, keep an eye out for one or two of our staff there as well.
Tokyo (France v Argentina 16:15)
Brett will be at the Park Hotel from 11:30 onwards. At 12:30 he’ll depart the hotel for the stadium, so feel free to join him.
Thomas will be located at the Gracery Shinjuku Hotel from 11:30. Again, if you’re in the Shinjuku area and want to join Thomas for the journey to the stadium, come on over to the Gracery Shinjuku for 12:30 and you can head to the stadium together.
Following the match, Brett and Thomas will be around Tobitakyu Station in case you have any issues with getting back to Shinjuku and central Tokyo.
Yokohama (South Africa v New Zealand 18:45)
Christian will be at the main Shinkansen gate at Tokyo Station from 15:00 onwards, to help out with anyone taking the Shinkansen departure recommended in your Info-Packs (15:33 departure). Once at Shin-Yokohama Station, Christian will head to the stadium entrance to keep a look out for him there.
Charlea will be at Haneda Airport this morning, assisting with people departing on internal JAL and ANA flights. From 15:00 Charlea will be going to Shinagawa Station and will wait at the main Shinkansen gate to help out with anyone taking the Shinkansen to Shin-Yokohama for the match.
Have a fantastic day today, and we’re looking forward to seeing all your photos of your Japan rugby adventure!
The Event Team



Today’s the day! The first match of the tournament kicks off tonight at 19:45 in Tokyo.

We’ve updated the access information for Sapporo Stadium – check out the stadium page here for more details. We’ve also added some additional train info for people going to any matches at Tokyo Stadium – available here.



E-tickets now available to print at home via the ‘My Tickets’ page on the official ticketing website.



Japan coach Jamie Joseph has just named the Brave Blossom’s 31-man squad for Japan 2019. The squad is based on the group of players that recently won the Pacific Nations Cup.

See here for more information.



England’s 31-man Rugby World Cup squad has been announced by Eddie Jones. Deemed a risky move by some, Ben Te’o was a surprise omission from the line-up.

See here for more information.